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#93251 - i stood up and he knelt dow and pulled the thong aside and started to lick the head of my cock it felt so intence he then took my holw cock in his mouth and started to go up and down my cock it was the best felling ever when i told him that i was going to cum he said cum on my face so he took my cock in his hands and started jerking me off and i came ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh ya cum went all over his face then i knelt and coverd my cock with the thong again and i then moved his thong to the side revealing his massive 9 inch cock he said that it was ok to feel weird bout sucking your first cock i said how do you do it he said put it inyour mouth and go up and down and as you do move your tongue around the shaft and i did he said good Ahhhhhhhhh that is the spot he said that he was going to cum and he told me that he wanted to cum on my face so i took his cock outh of my mouth and started jerking hime off until he came all over my face i coverd his cock and stood up we started licki

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Kyle broflovski
Love it
Arisu shimada
Muy rica gordita
Mikono suzushiro
Wish could like twice
These people are heroes exposing themselves to give us porn
Reisalin stout
The puffs and curly bangs make her look super fucking cute mans dick is fucking amazing in so many aspects her attacking mans so she can inspect the dick with cum on her face was fucking orgasmic put her in some good shibari or lingerie or both if done right not even hardcore and it would be even more delicious you can tell theres something between them 10 out of fucking 10 also her nails were on point and the hentai quality was oof feelsgoodman