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#158281 - As each girl exits the tank she is hit with a fine soapy mixture that flows over her and then rinses her off then they are handed towels to quickly dry off with, once each girl is completely dry the line then continues to the next room where OBGYN tables have been setup to receive each new meat animal for examination. Ok girl to the auction block came the voice from an outer stage that Jessica assumed was the voice of the auctioneer, Jessica and the other four girls in her group were lead out to the stage blind folded, as to not being able to see who would be bidding on them, while the bidders also did their own meat inspections fondling the young girl's bodies. This tank won’t hurt any of you at all, but it is permanent hair removal so if we can’t sell you at auction you will not need to be prepped again he said with a smile as the last girl entered the tank.

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