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#218283 - And a big load of sperm bigger than the first one was spread in Roxanne’s mouth, and when I went to spread a load of sperm in Catherine’s mouth, this last one was a bit bigger and longer than her last one or the ones that Roxanne absorbed. Then, she offered me this surprise: “Francky, would you like to come with me and swim in the pool?” “Swimming in the pool, yes, sure, why not?” I thought she would go in the bathroom to change herself, but instead of that, she opened the kitchen door to go on the pool deck by the gallery, and back to me, she took off her camisole that she put on the deck table, and finally, she took off her panties and put it on the deck table too. Then after, Catherine told me all about the shows and the movies she saw on TV with Roxanne and her lovely sister Genevieve.

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