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#322287 - ” Tina shakes her head no as she turns red from embarrassment but he just laughs. SMACK! He slaps her hard across her exposed ass! “Shut up & take it slut, You know I’m going to fuck your tight little ass and you know you want it, don’t you?” Grabbing her by the hair he pushes an inch or two into her throbbing asshole making her cry out, “ NO, I mean yes! Oh god please…” “Oh yea!!, Fuck her ass baby!” She hears Tina call to him, stuff her tight ass with your fat cock & make her scream!!” His big hands grip her hips, pulling her back as he slowly pushes his full length back into her ass filling her completely & making her head spin. “You two little girls need to go to bed now!” Her sister ordered.

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Mikoto utsugi
And asshole too