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#359778 - Shelly loved seeing Steffi naked, because besides her big boobs, the rest of her was perfect too, from her long slim legs to the perfect blond vee of pubic hair that covered a very puffy pair of pussy lips, Steffi had a stunning body to say the least! Having gotten out of her own clothes, Shelly stepped into the harness and adjusted the straps on the big rubber cock while Steffi implored her, Hurry Shel, I'm on fire, until it was fitted into place, sticking out obscenely from Shelly's hot crotch. Steffi leaned back and was noticeably quieter as she the magic fingers massaged her heavy tits while Shelly asked softly, More?!? After a little nod from Steffi, Shelly unbuttoned the silk blouse and reached inside to feel the sheer bra that was being asked to do a lot of work holding all that tit flesh in place! Steffi was now squirming in her chair, opening and closing her legs, trying to put pressure on her now wet pussy as her assistant manipulated her massive chest!!! Co

Read Secret Choukoukyuu Soap-jou Kusano Yui - Princess connect Swingers Choukoukyuu Soap-jou Kusano Yui

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