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#171757 - I pick up a strawberry but instead of putting it into your mouth I drop to my knees, take a bite of it and using the moist tip I write in strawberry juice across your chest “Goddess” before licking it all up, you let out a little moan as I lick the second ‘S’ up as the bottom tip of it is just on the exposed upper part of your gorgeous left breast. I roll you over onto your back with me on top before breaking away, I start to lift your top up over your head exposing your bra enclosed breasts, once off your hands reach for my shirt to try undoing the buttons, which, considering your still blindfolded you manage to get the top two undone with no problem before I grab hold of your hands and pull you away, “No you don’t, you haven’t finished your dessert yet but it’s obvious that you are not going to play are you? Well there is only one thing for it!” I get off you and lift you to your feet, lean over and grab the other tie and lead you to the tree pushing you up against the rough trun

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Ichiko kamikura
Mmmm i love it
Genki sakura
I wish my neighbor would do this to me
Sanemi shinazugawa
Woooooo so cool