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#372881 - We got out and we went to the top floor and we went in there there was 3 guy waiting and there was some chairs there and my mom told me too sit there and she entered a curtained room with the 3 guys and as they entered i saw one of the guys touch her ass and my moms was just walking and welll after a while i could hear my mom screaming aaaaaah aaaaaaaah harder harder and then a guys voice was like ure really good sexy bitch and she was screaming like that for about 40 minutes after that i could hear her saying ahhh that was good i got to go guys ive got to go to that huse and satisfy that bloody old mans well i knew she had sex there. Soo i followed my mom she drove to this shophouse. Well we then walked down and went to the stairs and to the car well my mom was all quiet in the car and then she said 'after this we are going to a friends house and im sure u know i had sex in the room before this and this is all part of growing up and after this u see and learn how the uncel ther

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