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#267856 - When we got inside and lay down together I asked her again, you liked that didnt you? Yes, i just didnt want to seem like a slut, but you were too rough Well baby, you are a slut, MY slut, thats how its gonna be in bed, but thats private, dont worry, k? okay, but I really dont think i'm ready to go any farther than that Oh yeah? I think I'll decide how far you're ready to go I pulled her on top of me and gripped her tight little jailbait ass, pulling her against my stiffening cock. Yes Jr. wow she said, I thought it would hurt and suck, but it only hurt for a few seconds Well it's gonna hurt some, but thats all it should hurt After that we got our clothes on and hopped in my Camaro to take her to clean up, I went in and went to sleep while she bathed.

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Looks more like icing on a cinnabon than anything else
Love ur hentais