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#26267 - I knew it was wrong, she was my best friend, we were both straight, never thought about each other in that way, well not openly. “My turn” I whispered as I looked deep into your eyes, with the filthiest of smiles, you smiled back “be my guest you horny little minx” I slipped you inside me and started to rock my hips back and forth, u lifted up into me, your hands reached round me and pulled my hips back and forth, like you needed me, I felt special, for a moment the horn started to fade, then you started to talk to me, quiet at first, “come on girl, you can do it, don’t stop now” I gasped, I thought I’d been in control, and I’d lost it, but you took over, making me realise you wanted it, you wanted me to enjoy it, “fuck me Wendy, don’t stop, go on girl”. I felt her nipple harden as my hand brushed over her, I felt excited and below I felt my pussy clench, I knew what I was doing was naughty, but I didn’t stop.

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What a good little slut
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