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#143894 - Petra's clit was erect and hard between Laura's lips and she nibbled and sucked it like a baby's teething ring! My god, thought Petra, this little cunt was the best lapper she had ever had! Now twisting and pulling her own nipples, Petra felt her vaginal muscles begin to tighten, as her own orgasm then flooded her crotch, covering Laura's face with sweet cunt juice! As Laura was dressing to leave, Petra said, You are the best baby a mother could ever ask for! Laura chuckled and asked, Same time next week, mama!?! THE END. Ten minutes later Petra came back into the bedroom and led Laura over to a big oversized chair where Petra sat down and had Laura curl up on her lap. This was one of her favorite parts of the game, breast feeding the baby, and while Laura settled in and leaned her face against the huge breast, reveling in it's softness, in time, her bladder full from the formula she had been drinking, let loose a stream of pee into her dia

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