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#277478 - “You slimy deceitful malodorous oaf! she cried and she whacked him firmly on a bare buttock which did naught but force him deeper into Cook to her evident delight, “Ohhhhh” she wailed, and she disappeared, only to return directly with a pail of cold water which thrown over the pair had not the slightest effect upon their animalistic copulation. I arranged to spend the weekend away while Mother and Father took the air at Bognor Regis, and we lit the “corded fuse” so to speak and awaited events. “She would not forgive me easily,” “So Hansen,” Malden bellowed so loudly that people passing in the street might have heard, “Remind us how your new, and may I say exquisitely proportioned, dear lady wife contrived to remain virgo intacto fully one calendar month after your wedding day?” “She pushes me away,” I said, “She loves another and only wed me at her mother’s insistence.

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