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#277906 - As she turned the next page in the magazine the first picture showed the girl on top of the guy facing away but Sarah's eyes widen when she saw that the girl was taking the guys huge cock deep in her ass and not in her pussy. I need that huge cucumber deep inside me right now! Desperate for something to be deep inside her she headed for her bathroom and found a bottle of shampoo, a little thicker than the cucumber she had used but the thought of having her tender pussy full with it was too much to resist she grabbed it and went back to her room, shampoo bottle in hand and dirty magazine in the other she laid down on her bed and opened the magazine past the pictures of the model playing with a huge toy that had given her the courage to play with her little pussy for the first time the night before into the next article. OHHHHHHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSSSSS! IT'S INSIDE MY ASS! She felt the pain of the violent intrusion but it was quickly replaced by pleasure and a weird sense of acc

Read Shoplifter 漫画的なものを描きたかったんです - Original Threesome 漫画的なものを描きたかったんです

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