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#110743 - Her screams are deafining as she's brutally raped by this monster, Ou - Chans body stiffens and with a loud moan he shoots massive amounts of cum deep into Ayames pussy, lowering her down so she standing in front of him he rams his still rock hard cock into her mouth. Merik turns into a demon and using his tentacle arms he wraps up her legs as Rikimarue breaks the hand cuffs with his bear hands, Rikimarue says Remember when I said the dark energy would increase my physical abilities well beyond Human levels? Well as you just saw, it's true . Rikimarue opens a portal to the dimension the dog demon came from and after the dog demon pulls out of Ayame Rikimarue orders it to return to it dimension, the dog demon licks her pussy a few more time before jumping off the bed and going through the portal, after closing the portal Merik says let her take a shower, feed her and let her get some sleep I'll summon Ou - Chan later tonight .

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