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#195704 - When that was done he went over to the large redwood picnic table in the center of the backyard and picked up a long gleaming silver spit and began to polish it and coat it with grease, Well hello Neighbor Steve heard and looked up to see the new neighbor hanging over the wooden fence looking at him, Hey Steve replied and put down the spit to walk over to the fence, My name is Ted and im your new neighbor, me, my wife Amy, our son John and our daughter Jenna just moved here from Montana Ted said reaching over the fence to shake Steve's hand, Yes I know, we heard your truck, Im Steve Steve said shaking the offered hand. Im getting the pig on the spit Steve said and turned away from Ted and started to push the spit forward into her daughter, Ted moved quicky over to Steve’s yard but as he got their he heard an ear shattering scream, AHHHHHH was all Jessica could say as Steve gave the spit one fast hard trust past her cervix into her uterus, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOI

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