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#406954 - She sucked and slurped, enjoying the salty tang of pre-come in her mouth! Scott pumped his rod into her mouth, withdrew it, then thrust forward again! Jennifer enjoyed taking his tool in her mouth! “Mmmmmmm!” Suddenly, she felt his rigid cock pulsate in her mouth, and jets of hot come erupted into her throat, and she struggled to swallow his load as he came inside her! “Glug!” Jennifer moaned as she struggled to keep up with the fountain of come inside her. “I'll accept any punishment,” she answered, “I just want to wear your collar again! Please!” “I still have feelings for you. Jennifer then switched back to the present, the flashback over! Had there actually been a time when she had actually asked to be whipped? Jennifer watched as the large snowflakes fell, creating a mushy slush on the sidewalk and road.

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