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#225722 - Penis enter to whole to her ass she start shouting loudly and give mother promise To take out but it is to tight that he feel very hot and start pushing faster she is now crying and saying u r a good guy u r a animal and crying loudly after 5min. she stand up and slaps 2-3times on his face after that she put all the clothes and run naked to my bed room I myself also run and sleep in same position she gone to toilet and dress and come out and sleep close to me it’s really very hot moments of my life then I sleep ,in the morning when I open my eyes I found that someone is crying in my toilet I gone close to the door it’s my wife crying and talking to her lady doctor friend that she is not bed properly and blood is coming from her ass hole I come and sleep there after some time my wife come out she cannot walk properly she gone slowly to kitchen and star preparing breakfast after 2 3 days she start chatting Arvind happily and when where they get chance they fucked to gather afte

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