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#392243 - Nodding at the box on my knee, she asked: ‘Are you sure you want one exactly like this? I mean, it’s really big and long . so, well, anyway – I opened it’, I replied, and whilst speaking I slid the neat black box out from inside the mailing carton and removed its lid, revealing the unmistakeable plastic phallus of the strap-on and the note resting on top if it. Then, whilst Mom oversaw my bath and bedtime, Diane would cook a grown-up dinner for the two of them – cooking was one of her few relaxations, she always said (and now I know the other one, a voice inside my head remarked: lesbo fucking with my Mom!).

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Rin hoshizora
I have the same fantasies about my married stepdaughter
Minami iwasaki
She looks a lot like my 4th grade teacher ms parker if you see this i m sorry