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#16400 - The little girl had already been bathed and was in her pyjamas, and before the girls left at around 9pm the baby was sleeping and had been put to bed, a baby monitor placed on the table in front of us would alert us to any needs she might have if she woke up. When the girls left, Stevie went to the fridge and got us both another bottle of bear then came and sat beside me on the sofa, we sort of watched a programme that was on TV as we made some more small talk, it was all a bit amateurish, neither of us wanting or knowing when to make the first move, we finished the beers and Stevie went to get some more, I decided I needed a pee so he directed me to the bathroom, I was just finishing off my piss when he came in and stood beside me at the pan, he placed the beers on the cistern top pulled down the waistband of his trackies and began to piss with a prominent semi hard cock, as soon as I saw it I went from semi to solid, nature took over my hand went to his cock I held it as he pisse

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