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#314585 - “Angela!” He called out as he made a beckoning motion The sound of heels clicked down the hallway like half a horse. It’s hard to spend I must admit, but valuable if you know the right people. “Now” said Angela to Peter “As a reward for delivering such beautiful goods, I’ll let you pick which pussy you get to blow your first load in” Peter uttered a phrase he lived by at the roulette table… “I always bet on black” he grinned at Tiffany as she snarled “Well then” Angela grinned back at him with an even more evil look “you could have done that if you had called me by the correct name, but since you felt the need to forget your place in this agreement, you will beg me right now to let you blow your first load in my ass or you will not be allowed to cum at all” Peter got on his knees “Please, Mistress” he pleaded “May I blow my load in your asshole” She slapped his face “That didn’t sound very sincere” He lowered his head and clasped his hand together “Pleas

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