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#394288 - When Nathan inserted the fourth finger, Seth now felt like his virgin hole was being pried apart, but he also knew that Nathan’s cock was much thicker than the fingers, so he bit his teeth and relaxed his anal muscles, allowing the fourth finger to crawl deeply inside of him. This is your weekend remember? Do whatever makes you feel happy!” Nathan turned and walked back inside the house. Seth was breathing very heavily, but did manage to whisper, “Nathan, would you please make love to me?” Nathan rolled onto his right side and began gently swiping the side of Seth’s left cheek, then whispered, “Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.

Read Pervs Ai aims for 100kg | 目標100公斤的小藍 - Original Chunky Ai aims for 100kg | 目標100公斤的小藍

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