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#3441 - When I opened the door, she was in bed, minus the towel, and sitting there waiting, seemingly relaxed. She quickly threw herself down, still pulling on my rod, and no sooner was she flat with opened thighs than she pulled me on top and thrust the head of my prick at her opened cunt; I went straight in, and as she released me, her slippery insides let me slide in and in, and she squealed, thrusting her pelvis up until her bushy haired-pussy met the bones of my own and she held it, squeezing my cock with her vagina inside walls, and climaxing immediately under me. We left the room, and with a glance at the door of another Ha’s room, hoping it wouldn’t open, I went with Ha to her bike, lifted her hand between us and kissed it, “See you again, em.

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