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#38310 - Lisa: Willie I am all done you can turn around now so he does Willie: I am wet as well so you will need to turn around so I can get undressed Lisa: Ok Willie I will turn around for you Lisa turns around but she can see his reflection in the glass and she watches him take his shirt of first then Willie has to lift up a bit to slide his pants down so Lisa watches and sees his naked ass then catches a glimpse of his hard cock. Lisa: Thank you Willie Willie: No Problem Lisa Little Haiti Man: (quietly to Willie: Man she is a hot little bitch I would love to get into her panties) Willie: (I know what you mean I am going to try to get into them myself on the way home) Little Haiti Man: let me know how you go and maybe you will share her with me? Willie: Maybe Willie: Lisa I have everything I need now so let's go! Lisa: Yes Willie. Willie unlocks the truck and opens to door for Lisa as Lisa climbs up into the truck her ass rubs against Willie's crouch and sh

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