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#383516 - The thought for me, of wearing almost nothing under my coat with a lot of my bare bottom showing and being in the presence of all these aroused horny black men, who all seemed to want to use and abuse me, was quite a turn on!. In these I had a sign around my neck that said “Free Fuck to Black Men Only”! Others had been taken in several public place, where I posed pointing out my Queen of Spades Tats and most all were in broad daylight, and at the time it was quite risky as I had been scared to death of getting caught, we didn't, but OMG! Was it ever close on several occasions? After seeing these pictures of me naked and helpless, they wanted to meet me in person to see if I really was, what I and my husband professed me to be! These men wanted an older white married woman like me so they could use and abuse me sexually at their whim, like a sex slave or as their black cock whore, something I thought about being at the time as much as they did! I have had this burning fantasy

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