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#267172 - I go to the bar see that Joe had two friends with him ,he sees me and I think he thought we were leaving and wanted to say goodbye so he excuses himself from the table and comes to me and says you’re not leaving are you before I could answer he repeats I told you I will make it worth both your time , now I am intrigued I say what do you mean so he lays out his idea ,He says look I know its short notice but I think you will like it and continues I did not know that the company was sending anyone with me if I did I would not have contacted you in the first place but we are past that ,I want to offer you a deal I will pay you $1000. Toni woke me up a few hours later sitting on my cock she fucked me quietly after I came she went to Joe’s bed and woke him with her hot mouth on his cock as he woke she sat on his big headed cock and fucked him silly then we got dressed said our goodbyes and Joe told her that she has a shopping spree on him three outfits with all the accessories she thanked h

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Girls take note that is how you give a blowjob
Marika tachibana
Song name at the beginning please would be appreciated