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#248202 - So not missing my chance, some lube and wham, my fist went in, he jumped but I went with him, my wrist inside and my fingers working his g spot, soon made him relent and stay still. Both guys stood still and a look of concentration on their faces, I saw Trevor push his stomach out, trying to pee, so I licked the tips of them both, saying please do, Mike moved forward a bit, his cock now on my face, warm pee began to dribble out, so I eased back, looking straight at his cock mouth open, went towards him, I sucked him tasting his wee, then moved back, that was all it took, his cock let loose, I held him aiming his pee at my face and boobs, smiling at him let him know I was enjoying it all.

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Rei shingetsu
Cueca fica dando aquela estilingada
Umetarou nozaki
Ong she belongs to the streets
Sae kirino
Sexy stockings