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#48107 - And to the person that comments upon everybody's punctuation and grammar you are more educated than I am would you like to help me out with some haiku. The school environment was quite harsh up at 6am every morning an hours prayers before breakfast, as I wasn't part of the gang I could slip away after lessons most days, Harold would let me stay in his hut chatting with him and his gun dog Spike, Harold often gave me small little treats and shared a cigarette with me I was always so great full for his friendship. So slowly i opened his fly and worked his prick out of his pants all the time wiggling my ass to the slaps as I slipped his prick into my mouth he stopped hitting me but continued to thrust his hips back and fore His cock was smaller than Spikes and thinner but I didn't care I just wonted to suck him off I hated him but my sexual desirers took over everything else I worked my head up and down the shaft as I pulled my mouth back to the end of his helmet I suck

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