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#148681 - Sean’s cock did look magnificent; darker than the rest of his skin and as smooth as a baby’s bottom but roughly the same length and girth as my husband’s which wasn’t going to be a problem. In the last month or so I’d really been looking forward to these sessions more than usual; even planning them for days in advance – ‘which sex-toy I would use; what I would fantasise about’ and I had begun ‘borrowing’ my husband’s ‘hidden stash’ of dirty magazines; reading the stories and drooling over the photos of couples and threesomes fucking and sucking. My husband of 9 years, Nigel, didn’t seem to mind that a tall good looking black man in a shiny new BMW would occasionally call to pick me up at 8.

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Fumika kodama
Damn you are fucking amazing
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Who is this girl
We luved it