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#401276 - I felt guilty taking their money, but who am I to say no. As Trevor pulled out, I licked Gingers butt clean, sucking out all the hot cum from her butt, then pushed her over and sat over her face, with one good push, Mike's cum exploded from my arse and splashed over her face, Trevor beat me too it, going down kissing her and sharing Mikes cum, I saw Mike sucking Trevor’s cock to get what cum was left from his spent member. Trevor squirmed but soon began to work the dildo, this told me he had got used to the size, and it was time to fuck him hard, orgasm after orgasm rang out, as he really took to the dildo, then after some 5 minutes or so, he fell forward exhausted, panting and trying to gain his breath as I eased my toy out of his big brown eye.

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Why she sound like a broken teapot
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