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#305113 - I heard her say Yes, as Lee made an excuse to use the bathroom, I got Alf to let me up, and began to kiss and play with Carol's body, she responded quickly, going down sucking my cock, as Alf stroked her clit. Lee watched on, his wife now lost in her own world, more poppers and Pauline held the next vibe to her anus opening, but couldn't get the pressure to push it in, so I swapped with her, fucking Carol for a bit longer with just the two, as Pauline gave her more poppers, the feeling I was waiting for, Carol's butt went loose, and the second vibe, slipped in, now all three, were in, but not fully, Carol was going well, her anus looked good, more and more of the toys disappearing inside her, as I kept up the relentless fucking of her arse. I saw the tv light up as the Skype connection started, Sue and the kids in auss were playing with a small group of guys, at first a few guys watched, a couple knew it was my family, the others had no idea.

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