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#198761 - Okay dear, do me now!!! Luanne let her tongue bore through the thick mat of pubic hair until it encountered the wet slit that hid her mother's hard clitoris. Hello, Lennie, this is Luanne, what are you doing tonight? Look, Luanne, he answered, I've got a lot of home work tonight, and I don't have time to be fooling around with you!!! Lennie you gotta help me out, I'm going nuts here, she begged, remember when I've done it for you, you owe me!!! He sighed, looked at his watch and replied, All right Luanne, meet me outside of our garage at six thirty, and don't come over any earlier than that because we're having a late supper, okay?!? Anything you say, Lennie, six thirty, I'll be there! Just one more thing, he added, be ready, 'cuz I'm not spending all night out there, understand??? Uh, sure Lennie, I'll be ready, you can count on me, she replied, and then hung up the phone. Now spreading her legs slightl

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