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#72377 - “Found it” I announced, holding the fork up as I reappeared above the table, quickly glancing around, but all appeared normal – except for the faces of Kim and Ping, and no doubt my own, as I grabbed some tissues and wiped my perspiring face, and ran my fingers through my hair – sticky with Ping’s juice, which I smoothed in my fingers and stuck in my mouth. Trinh remarked “Ha has been dieting and looks pretty good, yes?” “Yes, she does; almost the same as when we were…together; she truly was beautiful in those days, so I am glad she hasn’t kept the fat that I last saw her bulging with. Have a nice flight, and we hope to welcome you back again – soon.

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Uruka takemoto
Your titties are just soo jiggalicious i envy your boyfriend
Suwako moriya
More white stockings like this they are so perfect
Tsukushi tsutsukakushi
You should start sucking them down
I will breathe very intensely for you next time