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#343821 - She felt the mechanism underneath it slot into place and another surprise orgasm hit her, much harder though this time, sending her into a scream as the smooth movement of the rollers pushed her, inch by inch, towards the saw which began to turn, then buzz loudly. She began writhing in ecstasy again as she thought of the saw ripping her apart, shredding its way through her and as a result she simply couldn’t stop coming until she was weary and the thoughts gradually disappeared from her head. As well as quite a few more, these are not, therefore, my usual style but I've decided to post this one and see the feedback before deciding whether or not to post the rest.

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Shun watanabe
You did the sweetest mess at the end riding that wave together is amazing
Yami yugi
Beautiful stunning brunette with little or no emotional response
Joe kido
Spitting in her mouth was so sexy