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#370039 - Gaines, Chloe asked softly, d-do you think that Rex could be my room mate!?! Of course he can, dear, he replied gently, that was the whole idea, to let you meet him before any decisons were made, is that okay with you Rex!?! Oh yes, ma'am, he sighed, she has a lovely pussy don't you think!?! The two new room mates continued pressing their crotches together while the heat in their gentials grew to an almost unbearable state, upon which Rex gasped, I-I have to fuck her, please let me have her now!!! Do you want his pecker in your pussy, dear, Aurora asked softly, just tell me, honey, if you don't, I can always suck him off to relieve his tension!?! Oh please, Chloe begged, please let me have it, it's really mine now isn't it, I mean we're roomies and all, right!?! Of course that's true, dear, now if you'll just sit on the edge of the desk and spread your legs wide apart, Aurora explained, then Rex can put his erection int

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Good girl
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