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#286780 - for about 30 minutes and i had to talk or something hey haley have you every played truth or dare i asked sure a couple of times with my friends why do you wanna play i asked trying to sound innocent okshe said lets play the real way i mean dirty stuff ok i said i figured she would shoot that idea out of the sky ok lets play ill go 1st she said ok truth or dare she said situating herself to face me truth have you every kissed a girl she said with a smirk no i said blushing truth or dare haley dare she laughed i decided to just go strong i dare you to be the 1st girl that i kiss right now i blurted out ok she puckered up and we leaned toward each other and our lips met and a jolt of electricity went thru our bodys i know it went thru her to by the way she closed her eyes during the kiss we finnally broke the kiss and we were both panting in the strange feeling we had just had truth or dare she panted dare i dare you to do that again

Read Leather Narmaya Attack!! - Granblue fantasy Cuck Narmaya Attack!!

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