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#66398 - But even then it was quite some time before he had me stroke it bareback. I would squirm and wriggle with enjoyment, and I thought my ma was unaware of his attentions, but later realised how wrong that idea was! Then one evening, bedtime storytime came round, and it was a very hot evening, and I was just in a thin nightdress and no knickers, and I was sitting on the bed with my legs crossed, knees drawn up, so I guess he could see straight up my nightie, and my dad came in wearing only thin shorts, and immediately he sat down on the bed, without any attempt at story telling, he slid his hand up my nightie and began stroking me between my legs, at the same time taken my hand and placing it on the huge bulge at the front of his shorts. Especially I enjoyed being fucked by my dad, and my ma would stand over us and piss all over, then we would all lick each other clean.

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