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#261569 - i had won a competition last year with a photo of a beautiful autumn day, and the prize was a brand new digital camera so that morning i got dressed and grabbed my small digital camera the same one i had won from the competition, i grabbed a quick breakfast and headed out into the streets to snap some pictures of my towns people i knew my girlfriend Melissa was coming over later but i knew i had a few hours in the morning to get a few photos before she came over. I had been gone for about 2 hours when i decided to head home and put them on my computer to edit later once i had captured a lot more people as i approached the house i saw my girlfriends car was in the driveway and i thought she must have decided to come over a little earlier to surprise me when i got back little did i know what the actual surprise was. Melissa didn’t finish her studies she left town almost immediately after i found her and dad together last i heard she was in London keeping a low profile and dad has gon

Read Nipple Prinz to Kashima to A.Chimpo - Kantai collection Babes Prinz to Kashima to A.Chimpo

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