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#389201 - He got off me and his buddie said my turn and he mounted me then the big man grabbed the bottle of vodka and forced in my mouth I thought he had chipped my tooth cuz i wasn t ready for that. I could barely stand he grabbed me while his buddi watched and threw me on the sofa and bent me over the armrest andwoke undid my shorts and pulled them off then grabbed a huge jar that had lubricant in it and lubed his huge cock then my hole then I felt his cock land on my ass and in between my asscheeks it went up and down till he found my hole. It must have been more than a week before I got out of there.

Read Fuck たとえば家庭教師が一家に催眠をかけたとして 中文翻譯 Young Tits たとえば家庭教師が一家に催眠をかけたとして 中文翻譯