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#90164 - Sometimes while she was preparing a meal I would just lubricate my prick and lift her towel and slide it in from behind and other times she would bend over the chair or lay back in the chair while I had my way inside her. Chook and Ben had gone to bed with Ben giving Pam a shake before heading to bed, I slipped down behind her on the lounge spooning her under the blanket and giving her a nudge but she dozed off again so I slipped my prick out of the leg of my shorts and started rubbing it against her bum crack until I got pretty close to cumming, bugger it I thought and wet the red throbbing head of my prick and lifted her light summer dress up at the back, moved her panties to one side and slowly inserted myself in her. She asked me to give her a little lick to get her wet before slipping my dick in as we only had five minutes, I was a bit hesitant at first but found the taste and the smell very nice and after a couple of deep licks was hard with lust and before she had a chance

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