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#256266 - I experimented with how I walked, I tried to avoid using the six inch heel, focusing solely on the ball of my foot, not a good idea. Using my increasingly useful nail on my pinky, I caught the ball under my nail and picked at it, hoping to remove the plug, or button, or whatever it was. The game did this to me, and it has completely broken me, I could not even gain the smallest victory over the curse it has placed upon me.

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Hakurei miko
Hey guys i need ur advice i m 16 and still haven t had my first kiss yet even though i ve had plenty of opportunities too my friends get mad bc i could get w hot girls but like i honestly want more than just to hu w a girl do u think i should keep waiting to find the rig girl or just get it over with
Akiho senomiya
Indigo vids are way more informative than health class ever was