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#228935 - I wanted it to be a surprise but I knew that wouldn't work (since you would have to arrange time from work!) so we made plans together (but I do have a couple surprises in mind for you!!! Just a little tease!) We decide to go all out (after all it is your birthday!!) and head for the best winter fun spot for a few days! Yellowstone is beautiful in winter!! We reserved a cabin at the Hibernation Station, they have a shuttle that will pick us up at the airport in Bozeman. We lay there on the floor for a few moments, catching our breath before you say What time does the plane leave? I had totally forgotten everything but you. You are watching in the hall mirror, enjoying the view! You are still completely (almost) dressed and I'm completely naked on my hands and knees sucking your long thick cock, you reach down, pulling and pinching my nipples, I moan deeply, you pinch harder, I spread my legs a little wider and in the mirror you can see the juices starting to flow from my

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Kojiro sasaki
Mucho love rae thanks for the response i can genuinely say you made me happy and i will definitely be a fan for life
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Mmm so sexy lovely