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#280029 - Straight away I said it was ok but Pavel was slow to answer, it was obvious he was jealous, but eventually he agreed too. When I got home that evening Maria was wearing bright red lipstick, makeup ,and had done her hair, I asked her why she was looking so glamorous, she smiled and said because we were going out later, I asked where, she said that Pavel had invited us to go out for dinner and then go to a club, she had accepted, I asked her if we were going to have a threesome after, she said of course that was why she had accepted, she had told Pavel that she would only go out if we did, she wanted to do it for me, she hoped I didn’t mind, I said I didn’t. I told him that when Maria had finished dancing with Pavel I would send her to get a drink and then he could chat her up at the bar, he said he would.

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