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#289038 - One night we were in a restaurant she told me she knew how to turn off the security camera for her VIP area! I teased her and told her she would never do it, because she would never want to touch a customer - she smiled and said maybe. The club had rules that you could not touch the dancers and they could not touch you which was really disappointing - and there were security cameras to make sure no-one did anything wrong. While she walked away down the street, the customer came out too and they talked and he apologies for her getting caught, and he asked if she would strip dance for him at his hotel room for $500 - she said he was a nice tall guy visiting from Norway - and she loved how his cock tasted so she said yes! She went back to his room which she said was a nice suite in one of the better hotels nearby.

Read Price 俺もやったんだからさ(圧力) - Original Rica 俺もやったんだからさ(圧力)

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Ai hayasaka
She was lame just another white pedestal white that never took an awesome bbc cuz of a bigot area boooooooo
Ah perfection
Tenshi hinanai
Simply nailogicals theme tune lol