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#64950 - Miller I’m so sorry I must have read the wrong signs I just thought with you dressed up and having this dinner together! I think I best be going? No don’t go I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong idea you see I do like you and with you going off to college I wanted to make this birthday very special for you so why don’t you take your cloths off so I can suck that big hard young cock of yours, I then stood up and unzip my dress and let it fall to the floor, I stood up in front of him totally naked as he removed his pants his cock was so big! Wow what a cock it was I couldn’t wait to suck it, Then I grabbed his cock and started to lead him upstairs, as we were about half way up, I couldn’t wait any longer so I turned to face him sat on the stairs leaned backwards and opened my legs and told him to put his cock in my pussy and fuck me I needed his cock so bad as he pushed his cock into me I said I want you to fuck me all night? Boy did he know how to fuck me I was now so f

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