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#368647 - She leaned up and I turned her around to hug her against me, she was breathing heavy and I knew I had pleased her well; I helped her get dressed and I put my pair of pants back on, I walked her out to the living room and sat her on the couch and stretched. I slid my dick out of her ass and watched my cum leak down her thighs, it was the sexiest thing ever. I opened the door and she was standing there holding two pizza boxes and a birthday bag; in that moment I was taken by her beauty and I looked her up and down, time seemed to have stopped and I noticed how well my black Suicide Silence hoodie looked on her, It may have been a 3xl but she made it look great on her petite body then I looked down and saw her dark grey jeans hugging her legs and I groaned a little bit getting a bit harder thinking about what sweet little prize I have between them thighs and in those jeans.

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