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#194946 - Okay, Harry, Joan sighed, I?'ll try getting her to go ahead, but there are no guarantees! You tell Claudia that Marchetti won't show until scene four is ready to shoot, so the longer she procrastinates, the longer it will be until he gets here, Harry replied flatly, so you tell the old bag she'd better get her ass on that stage and knock off those first three scenes, capiche??? Yeah, Joan answered tiredly, capiche. They say it's going to take a month to shoot this movie, Aldo offered laughing, do you think we can last that long!?! Claudia slipped her hand inside of Aldo's shorts, gave the one eyed snake a squeeze and replied, Don't worry, I once played a snake charmer in the movies, there's nothing to it!!! THE END. Twenty years ago when she was a number one star, nothing like this would ever have taken place, Aldo would have been on the set and that would have been that! Now, however, as an aging star in her early sixties, Clau

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