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#11778 - it was the most beautiful thing I had ever witnessed the passion and love in her voice as she said do it again Daddy I want more was overwhelming He replied not yet Honey it's my turn and slid back to sit on the other side of the hot tub motioning for her to follow! I could see His erection standing facing the heavens above, beconning her to take it and She did. I looked at it quickly it was another text from Him DON'T REPLY! DON'T KNOCK JUST COME ON IN that got me curious, don't knock? just come in? I was about twenty minutes from His house, and figured ok that's nothing unusual He must be in the Hot Tub, We always just walked in each others houses usually after knocking first though. surprisingly it turned me on the see My Wife kissing a slim, handsome, older man.

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Would love to be that guy alexis
Izumi akazawa
Damn sexy where my pawgs at hmu