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#394229 - Her hands were still holding my breasts, and her grip tightened convulsively – almost painfully – as the climax took her to a crescendo, and she gave a high-pitched cry of ‘yes! yes! oh – fuck! – yesssss!!’ I released her breasts and she stood back a pace, slightly tottering in the aftermath. I tried to mumble something, anything, and to rise up, but Miranda’s weight on top of me pinned me down. I learned later that the missionary position was her favourite, because she loves to look a woman in the face whilst she fucks her, and can see from her expressions when to go slow and when fast, and when the moment of climax is approaching.

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Yui minamito
I love it so much
Rika minami
Wie kann man nur so pervers sein hoffe ihr werdet mal erwischt
Beautiful woman