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#448984 - you can get down on your knees and start to Suck Daddies Cock, while Don and Merve watch you, giving your Daddy a big thrill” So I did what my Daddy wanted, me his eldest Son, Sucking him off, “ Yes ! “ he said to Don, “ You have taught my Little Boy well, look at my Little Timmy Yes! OOHHHH Yes Timmy you are a great Cock Sucker, keep going you Lovely Sexy Little Boy, Suck your Daddies Cock make your Daddy CUMM “ . So we went over to them and as I kissed Don he patted my Bum and the strange thing about it I liked it and when I looked at my brother Paul as he kissed Merve he patted Pauls Bum and I liked that also. Also Paul was told not to say anything also, Daddy told us that when the time was right he would explain things to us about what went on with him and mommy.

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