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#333723 - A - o and one last little thing we are two months pregrant starting from yesterday me and harvey got out of bed about 8ish and had some breakfast i said to harvey babe i miss writting are story harvey walked over to me and gave me a hug and said why dont you start rewritting it babe screw what the jerks on there say i laughted at harvey but he said he was serious and i thought to my self why shouldnt i carry on doing something i enjoy just because a few people cant get over my spelling misstakes and they dont believe in my life so anyway later on that day i got into my car and drove over to my moms when i got there she answer the door to me and told me to come in when i got inside my mom handed me a box so i opened it and it was some baby botties they was so cute but me and harvey dont know what sex baby we are having so me and my mom had some lunch and we chatted for such a long time that i ended up staying for dinner aswell so when i got home to harvey it was really late

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